Booking Terms & Conditions

Clapham and Patching Village Hall Management Committee (CPVHMC) 

General Terms and Conditions of Hire – Village Hall, and/or Recreation Ground.

These Terms and Conditions apply from July 2020. See Special Covid19 Conditions

The hirer as specified in the Application to hire facilities shall safeguard the facilities and equipment for the entire time of the hire and shall be responsible for leaving the premises in a clean and tidy condition with the building secured and all lights switched off at the end of the hire period. All contents temporarily moved or removed from their usual positions are to be reinstated before leaving. Failure to do so may entail an additional charge to cover any expenses incurred. The hirer shall be responsible for any damage caused during the hire and for any consequential costs e.g. additional cleaning made necessary due to unreasonable use. The CPVHMC may at its discretion withhold any surety or other payment lodged by the hirer if this condition is not maintained.



Hire Charges are published from time to time. The hire charge and any additional payments shall be made to the Booking Clerk within the time specified in the Hire Agreement. THE MINIMUM HIRE PERIOD FOR ANY FACILITY IS ONE HOUR. Failure to settle the entire charge in time will result in cancellation of the hire and forfeit of the deposit or part thereof as specified. Cancellation by the hirer within twelve weeks prior to the intended event will incur a forfeit of 50% of the deposit. Cancellation within 28 days will incur the forfeiture of the entire deposit. In relation to regular hirers, 28 days notification of any temporary withdrawal of the hire shall be given otherwise 50% of the normal hire fee will still be payable.


Discounts may be applied by the CPVHMC in accordance with a written scheme published separately e.g. for residents of Clapham and Patching parishes. Details are available from the Booking Clerk. IF THE HIRE CHARGE IS NOT PAID WITHIN 28 DAYS OF THE HIRE THE FULL CHARGE WILL BE LEVIED.


The hours of use are as specified in writing and agreed at the time of hire.



All activities at the premises shall cease and the premises vacated and locked up by 2300 hrs (Sunday to Thursday) and 0100hrs (Friday and Saturday nights).

Music and/or dancing activity must finish by no later than 2200hrs on Sundays-Thursdays and by midnight on Fridays/Saturdays. THIS IS TO AVOID NUISANCE TO NEAR NEIGHBOURS.

In exceptional circumstances the finish time may be extended in writing at the discretion of the CPVHMC in advance, on prior written application.

Any activities comprising of amplified music and/or dancing in the open air shall cease by 1900 hours on any day.

After 2300 hours on any day there shall be no noise from the hall or any marquee or any other structure placed on the site which is audible at the boundaries of the site. The nearest boundary to which this applies is Long Furlong. The hirer should check at regular intervals that this stipulation is adhered to. Failure to abide by these rules may incur a penalty at the discretion of the CPVHMC.

The premises must be vacated at the end of the hire period (and in any case by 2300hrs on Sundays-Thursdays and by 0100 on Friday/Saturday night), unless extended in writing by the CPVHMC prior to the event.

Patrons/guests leaving on or after 2200hrs MUST be reminded to leave the premises (including the car park) quietly to avoid adverse impact on neighbours. An announcement will normally suffice.

The premises including the grounds shall only be used for the purposes set out in the application to hire.

For activities governed by the Licensing Act 2003 (i.e. public events) the hirer shall be responsible for adhering to the terms and conditions of the Premises Licence issued by Arun District Council, a summary of which is kept displayed at the premises. A full copy is available on request. In this case the hirer shall take all reasonable steps to promote the licensing objectives i.e. to prevent crime and disorder, ensure public safety, prevent public nuisance and protect children from harm.


The CPVHMC has produced a Health and Safety Policy to comply with its obligations under the law. A copy is displayed at the Hall and further copies are available on request. The hirer is obliged to have regard to this policy and to any associated risk assessment.

The hirer is responsible for ensuring the health, safety and welfare of all persons present immediately prior to, during and following the hire period. They should have regard to hazards associated with working at height, manual handling, vehicle parking, the safety of electrical appliances, scalding, slips trips and falls and security of moveable structures and should carry out a suitable risk assessment if significant hazards can be reasonably foreseen.

No fireworks or other pyrotechnics are allowed either inside or outside the premises at any time due to the possible risks involved.

NOTE A full risk assessment is required for submission to Sussex Police prior to the holding of any public outdoor musical event (such as a music concert).


The hirer is obliged to provide suitable persons at the premises to properly oversee the activities taking place during the hire period. If hire is for the uses of under 21’s then a security person SIA registered is required (at the hirers cost) to attend the event as a condition of hire. CPVHMC can supply relevant contact information if required.

The hirer is responsible for ensuring the maximum number of persons admitted to the premises at any one time does not exceed the following:

  • When used for a closely seated audience or dancing only: 150 persons (Main Hall) or 200 persons (whole building).
  • When used for functions with seating at tables: 85 persons (Main Hall) or 110 persons (whole building).
  • Wheelchairs: maximum number as agreed with the Fire Officer.

NOTE chairs are provided in the hall for a maximum of 100 persons. Organisers contemplating a greater number should consult with the Bookings Clerk.


The hirer is responsible for ensuring that the Fire Exits are not obstructed during the period of hire. In the event of a fire or suspected fire they must take reasonable steps to ensure all person’s present leave the premises in an orderly fashion. The Fire Assembly Point is at the far western end of the car park (furthest from the building). The Fire and Rescue Service should be contacted as soon as possible thereafter. Fire Extinguishers are provided at the premises and should be used as appropriately without endangering personnel. NB there is no public telephone nearby.


In relation to the supply or sale of alcohol at events open to the public at large the hirer is advised to obtain the necessary Temporary Events Notice or other authorisation from the Licensing Authority (ARUN DISTRICT COUNCIL) well in advance of the event. The hirer is solely responsible for obtaining all relevant consents in this regard and for complying with all conditions.


In the event of both halls being let concurrently then the kitchen and toilet facilities are to be shared. In this event then cleaning responsibilities shall also be shared.


The key to the Hall is available by arrangement with the Bookings Clerk and must be returned as soon as possible following the hire.

The code for the lock to the main gate needs to be obtained from the Bookings Clerk in advance. Once the combination is set the handle is turned anti-clockwise to release it. On leaving at the end of the hiring the gate should be re-secured (unless there is a further hire immediately following)

A height restriction barrier is fitted above the main entrance to the hall and limits vehicular entry to 2.1m If entry for high sided vans or similar is required for loading/unloading then prior arrangement must be obtained to allow temporary access.                                                       


A bulk bin is provided outside the premises, which should be enough for refuse from your letting. Should the bin become overloaded due to action by the hirer the CPVHMC may at its discretion make a charge to reflect additional emptying/clearing costs. The bin lid must be locked before departure – a special key is kept in the kitchen for this purpose.


The CPVHMC shall take reasonable steps to make available to the hirer the Hall, facilities and/ or Recreation Ground as laid out in the Hire Agreement. However, CPVHMC shall not be liable for any direct or consequential loss caused by unforeseen or other circumstances including adverse weather, industrial action, fire, flood, explosion or failure of power or other services. In such circumstances the hire fee may be reduced or returned at the discretion of the CPVHMC.

The hirer shall indemnify CPVHMC the costs of repair of damage to the Hall, its contents, the grounds and any other equipment caused because of the hiring. Any items belonging to or brought in by the hirer and left at the premises shall be left entirely at the hirer’s risk and CPVHMC shall not be liable for any direct or consequential loss of any such items.

The hirer is responsible for the health and safety of persons present during the entire period of occupation of the premises and the hirer and shall not hold the CPVHMC liable for any accident, injury, loss or damage whatsoever or whomsoever caused by an act, default or omission of the hirer or others present.

The hirer shall not without prior written consent from the CPVHMC sublet all or any of the premises or grounds which are subject to the hire agreement.

Booking Clerk: Melanie Lloyd: Tel: 01903 871395.

Alternative number (emergency only):  Gwen Morris 01903 871222.


Special Conditions of Hire during COVID-19

These conditions are supplemental to, not a replacement for, the hall’s ordinary conditions of hire.


You, the hirer, will be responsible for ensuring those attending your activity or event comply with the COVID-19 Secure Guidelines while entering and occupying the hall, using the hand sanitiser supplied when entering/exiting the hall.

You undertake to comply with the actions identified in the hall’s risk assessment, of which you have been provided.

EITHER: You will be responsible for cleaning door handles, light switches, window catches, equipment, toilet handles and seats, wash basins and all surfaces likely to be used during your period of hire before other members of your group or organisation arrive and to keep the premises clean through regular cleaning of surfaces during your hire, paying particular attention to wash hand basins and kitchen sinks (if used), using either the products supplied (which will be in a clearly accessible location) or your own ordinary domestic products. You will be required to clean again on leaving.

OR The hall will be cleaned before your arrive and you will be responsible for cleaning all regularly used surfaces during your period of hire (including tables, wash hand basins, door handles) using either the products supplied or your own ordinary domestic products.

Please take care cleaning electrical equipment.  Use cloths – do not spray!

You will make sure that everyone likely to attend your activity or event understands that they MUST NOT DO SO if they or anyone in their household has had COVID-19 symptoms in the last 7 days, and that if they develop symptoms within 7 days of visiting the premises they MUST use the Test, Track and Trace system to alert others with whom they have been in contact.

You will keep the premises well ventilated throughout your hire, with windows and doors open as far as convenient. You will be responsible for ensuring they are all securely closed on leaving.

You will ensure that everyone attending maintains social distancing while waiting to enter the premises and as far as possible when using more confined areas e.g. moving and stowing equipment, which should be kept as brief as possible. You will make sure that no more than [e.g. two] people use each suite of toilets at one time.

You will take particular care to ensure that social distancing is maintained for any persons aged 70 or over or likely to be clinically more vulnerable to COVID-19, including for example keeping a 2m distance around them when going in and out of rooms and ensuring they can access the toilets, kitchen or other confined areas without others being present.  For some people, passing another person in a confined space is less risky, but for older people that should be avoided.

You will position furniture or the arrangement of the room as far as possible to facilitate people seating side by side, with at least one empty chair between each person, rather than face to face.  If tables are being used, you will place them to maintain a distance of at least 2 metres across the table between people who are face to face e.g. using a wide U-shape.

[You will encourage users to bring their own drinks and food] or [You will be responsible, if drinks or food are made, for ensuring that all crockery and cutlery is washed in hot soapy water, dried and stowed away. You will bring your own clean tea towels, to reduce risk of contamination between hirers, and take them away. We will provide washing up liquid and washing up cloths.]

We will have the right to close the hall if there are safety concerns relating to COVID-19, for example, if someone who has attended the hall develops symptoms and thorough cleansing is required or if it is reported that the Special Hiring Conditions above are not being complied with, whether by you or by other hirers, or in the event that public buildings are asked or required to close again.  If this is necessary, we will do our best to inform you promptly and you will not be charged for this hire.

In the event of someone becoming unwell with suspected Covid-19 symptoms while at the hall you should remove them to a safe area away from other users. Provide tissues and a bin or plastic bag, and a bowl of warm soapy water for handwashing. Ask others in your group to provide contact details if you do not have them and then leave the premises, observing the usual hand sanitising and social distancing precautions, and advise them to launder their clothes when they arrive home.  Inform the hall administrator on [01903 871395].


COVID-19 Risk Assessment for hirers of Village and Community Halls.


Area of RiskRisk identifiedActions to take to mitigate riskNotes
Cleanliness of hall and equipment, especially after other hiresOther hirers or hall cleaner have not cleaned hall or equipment used to standard required. Our group leaves hall or equipment without cleaning.Group to check with hall committee when hall is cleaned and to make sure regularly used surfaces are cleaned before, during and after hire e.g. tables, sinks, door and toilet handles.Can we bring our own equipment?
Managing Social distancing and especially people attending who may be vulnerablePeople do not maintain 2 m social distancingAdvise group they must comply with social distancing as far as possible and use one-way system. Adopt layout advised. Limit numbers using toilets at once.

Should we avoid use of kitchen – ask people to BYO food and drink?

Allow older people time to use toilets without others present.

Respiratory hygieneTransmission to other members of groupCatch It, Bin It, Kill It. Encourage group to avoid touching mouth, eyes, and nose. Provide tissues ask all to dispose into a bin or disposable rubbish bag, then wash or sanitise hands.

Remember to bring tissues and hand sanitiser.

Remember to empty any bins used into kitchen bin at end of hire.


Hand cleanlinessTransmission to other members of group and premisesAdvise group to use sanitiser on entering and exiting the hall, to wash hands regularly using soap and paper towels. 
Someone falls ill with COVID-19 symptomsTransmission to other members of group and premisesFollow hall instructions. Move person to safe area, obtain contacts, inform cleaner.